TimberWest Public Firewood Program

Welcome to the General Information section of the TimberWest Public Firewood Program.

Before you purchase a permit, please ensure you read this carefully, as well as the other pages on this website as they contain important information you are required to know as a permit holder.

Important Information:

  • Personal firewood collection and cutting is permitted on TimberWest land in designated areas only (see Woodlot Maps for more information.)
  • The permits are $25 + GST per load (up to 1 cord.) If you wish to cut and collect more than one load the same day, simply purchase a second permit for the additional load. Vehicles plus a trailer which equal 1.5 to 2 cords will require 2 permits.
  • All persons cutting and collecting firewood on TimberWest land must produce (and have with them while cutting) a valid paid permit for the day they are cutting.
  • If you want to purchase permits for mulitple days, you must purchase individual permits for each day you would like to cut, as the permits are date specific.
  • Changes to the firewood program, (including but not limited to severe weather conditions) will be posted on this website, which may cause us to suspend the firewood program until conditions improve.
  • Please remove all litter, secure your load, do not overload your vehicle, and carry extra water with you.

Important Information and Notices:

Please call
(250) 650-4060 for important updates and new cutting areas.